The navigation menu is the list of links on every website.

You will likely update mint.json every time you add a new page. Pages do not show up automatically.

Our navigation syntax is recursive which means you can make nested navigation groups. You don’t need to include .mdx in page names.


Simply put your MDX files in folders and update the paths in mint.json.

For example, to have a page at you would make a folder called your-folder containing an MDX file called your-page.mdx.

You cannot use api for the name of a folder unless you nest it inside another folder. Mintlify uses Next.js which reserves the top-level api folder for internal server calls. A folder name such as api-reference would be accepted.

Navigation With Folder
"navigation": [
        "group": "Group Name",
        "pages": ["your-folder/your-page"]

Hidden Pages

MDX files not included in mint.json will not show up in the sidebar but are accessible through the search bar and by linking directly to them.